Bookwalker Cover Grabber

Book Walker's often very large volume covers can be very useful for use in making character images or banners, or simply to have a very high quality cover you can immediately upload to the website for the XL cover feature.
  • Make a new bookmark and paste the following JavaScript in the Address/URL field:
javascript:(function(a){var b=document.createElement("textarea"),c=document.getSelection();b.textContent=a,document.body.prepend(b),'fixed'}("" + (parseInt($('meta[property="og:image"]').attr('content').split("/")[3].split("").reverse().join(""))-1) + ".jpg"))()
Image Max URL, a website and userscript that redirects images to the original versions, has Bookwalker functionality included as of 0.74 -
Please be aware that the userscript affects a large number of sites, which may not be desired.