This changelog is specific to the manual & database specification only, not other site updates.



  • Clarified romanization guidelines and corrected an example within.



  • Submission cards on user profiles now have direct links to the respective entry.


2018-11-17 - New System & Manual

This is the initial release of the second version of the data management system and its accompanying manual. The new system is significantly easier to use than the first version. The scope of the manual has also expanded greatly from the original and is the point of reference for all users and moderators.


  • Additional sources have been added to the website and all media types can now make use of the field. The new sources are:
    • Doujinshi
    • Anime
    • Novel
      • Any works adapted from full novels caught in the Novel to Light Novel change (see fixed) will have to be manually corrected to the new Novel source.
  • Two new opposite relations, 'Contains' and 'Compilation', for linking one-shots into anthology collections and vice versa have been added to the website.
  • Users can now track the status of their submissions in the new submissions tab of their profile.
  • A locked toggle to restrict ability to add and favourite entries has been added to the website.
  • Specifications for upcoming untitled or provisionally titled media added.
  • Characters can now be imported from existing entries (Currently Data Mod only).
    • Staff import will come at a later date.
  • A tools section has been included in the manual.
  • A guide to sourcing information has been included in the manual.
  • A romanization guide has been included in the manual.
  • A title formatting guide has been included in the manual.
  • A tags guide has been included in the manual.
  • The Mod Tools have been included in the manual.
  • A list of moderators has been included in the manual.


  • The Novel format is now correctly displayed as Light Novel throughout the website.
  • Character relation will now set Character on the opposite relation.
  • Summary relation will now set Parent on the opposite relation
  • Side Story relation will now set Parent on the opposite relation.


  • Creating Characters, Voice Actors, Staff, and adding Banners are now done through the sub-pages of the anime and manga forms rather than a standalone submission.
  • The Novel source has been renamed to Light Novel
  • Parent relation can no longer be set.
  • The Adaptation relation has been changed so that it now has the opposite relation of Source, to make identifying the source material easier.
  • Light novel to manga adaptations that previously incorrectly used the Alternative relation will now use Adaptation and Source, being treated the same way as anime adaptations etc.
  • Novels and Web Novels from any accepted country of origin are not eligible to be in the database and any existing entries that have been added over time have been or will be deleted. The only allowed novel type is Light Novel.
    • Effect should be minimal as barely any users track Chinese or Korean web novels on this site, as much better alternatives are available. Professionally published manhua and manhwa are still allowed.
  • The incorrect statement on the previous manual that extra chapters (such as certain prologues, epilogues, and .5's) are not included in the total chapter count has been removed.
    • Effect should be minimal as they were still being included where correct.
  • Recommended minimum image dimensions for creating or cropping images have been changed.
  • The doujinshi format has now been replaced by a Self Published toggle to specify whether the work is doujinshi.