Moderator Tools

This feature is not available to standard users.
This section is the hub for entry creation, submission, and tag requests, reports and moderator activity filters.


The submissions panel provides an overview of the number of outstanding requests for data changes, tags, and reports.
Entering each section will give you a filtered feed of all of the relevant type of submission presently incomplete.


The tags page allows you to approve or deny tag requests as well as alter the name, description, adult toggle, default spoiler toggle, and sort category.

Pending Tags

Pending tags are tags that users’ have submitted to be approved. You’ll be able to see what work it was submitted on by clicking the appropriate link.
In most scenarios, pending tags should be discussed with other moderators before being approved.
All tag options can be adjusted on pending tags prior to approval or denial.
Remember that the category must be set for anything approved, and that any denied tags must have the denial reason mentioned in the description, as well as making the user aware of the reason.

Pending Spoiler Tags

Any tags marked as spoiler will automatically be added to the pending section whenever a user makes the request. The tags can then be approved by a moderator.


The create panel provides links to create new anime and manga from scratch. These entries immediately go live upon submission.
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