This section allows you to manage the airing schedule for broadcasts.
This section is available to moderators only. For any issues regarding airing dates and delays, please contact a moderator.


The start date for the schedule should be the date that the anime is first broadcast. The intervals will be the period in between episodes airing and then how many episodes this will run for. If the amount of episodes is unknown, provide a high number in increments of 25 until an episode count is confirmed. The start count will be the initial episode number that is displayed on AniList and AniChart.
The Schedule Generator panel
Airing times should be set to Japan Standard Time (JST). Some Japanese TV guides list airing times beyond 24hr time. Airing dates and time should be inputted in standard form (eg. Guide Listing: Monday 22/6 25:30 - Standard Form: Tuesday 23/06 01:30).
After filling in this table and pressing "Generate", the calendar will fill with dates for the period of time and number of episodes specified.
In the event of episodes being delayed, you can manually alter the calendar to add or remove a date, this will automatically adjust the episode count and add an extra period(s) to the end of the schedule to compensate for the delay. Pressing generate will overwrite any alterations made in this way, so avoid doing it after the initial generation.
In the event of multiple episodes airing on the same date, manually add however many episodes were aired to the days before it actually aired.
The airing schedule for the 'Ao Buta' anime