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Staff editing panel for Nobuyuki Fukumoto

Given Name

Their given name(s) in correct romanization.


Their surname or alias in correct romanization.

Native Name

For native names, the order should be ‘Surname Given Name’ without spaces.
Eriko Kimura’s native name field should be '木村絵理子' (KimuraEriko).
A lot of current entries are incorrectly written as '絵理子木村' (ErikoKimura), which is the wrong way round, or '木村 絵理子' (Kimura Eriko), which contains a space. So, if you see it, please try to correct it.
Dictionary browser extensions can help with kanji readings if you know hiragana. if not, then feel free to ask for help in Discord.
An exception to the above is when a name is natively western.
Reinhard von Lohengramm’ would be written as ラインハルト・フォン・ローグラム. Keep in mind the rules of the language the name is born from, as terms like 'von' and 'van' in German would be tacked onto the start of the surname. Additionally, any middle names should be placed at the end of the given name.


The language that the staff member performs or works in. This is currently only used and displayed for Voice Actor language.


A basic description of the person, it can be hometown, birthday, hobbies and interests, social media links, blogs etc. Example: Tatari Takayama


This is the cover image for the voice actor.
A clean headshot or head and shoulders portrait photo should be used where possible.
Format should either .jpg (.jpeg) or .png.
Covers should be as close a 2:3 ratio as possible.
If you have to crop or create new images then 230x345px is the recommended minimum. Larger images will be downscaled to 230px width.
Please refer to Image Dimensions and Templates, if required.
For many staff, images such as Twitter, Pixiv, or personal blog avatars can be suitable replacements if a photo portrait doesn’t exist. Cropping these isn’t required Example: Yamakawa Naoto, Takayama Tatari
Local image upload is currently available to moderators only.
Good Images
Bad Images