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Provide direct links to all relevant sources that were used to fill in the form, this can be the official site, character profiles, images, magazine articles, studio sites or popular announcement blogs etc.
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Information Sourcing Example

Please note the sources for this example are all Japanese. All the example is for is to help state the value of finding as much information as possible.
I first heard about Alice-tachi no Hyouhon from seeing the article in Natalie's new serialization feed. The specific article is
This article contains the series title (アリスたちの標本/Alice-tachi no Hyouhon), the author's name (小松万記/Komatsu Maki), and the names of the main characters (クララ/Clara and 高垣睦月/Mutsuki Takagaki). It also mentions the magazine issue containing the first chapter (週刊漫画TIMES11月2日/Shuukan Manga TIMES 11/02) went on sale on the day of article posting (本日10月19日発売/On-sale today, 19th October). It also provides two images that could possibly be used as a temporary cover or character portraits - the first image also includes the romaji reading of the author's name. The rest of the article is a description of the story.
There are two links below the article, one to the magazine (, and another to the author's Twitter ( Googling the author's name can also often bring up Twitter profiles, blogs, or Wikipedia articles.
The publisher's website has a sub-page for the specific magazine the manga is serialized in ( Entering the year and month of serialization, 2018/11 for this example, displays issues that mention the series - with the earliest stating the new serialization, color page, and on-sale date.
At the time of writing, a tweet from the author was easily visible referencing the new manga ( The tweet mentions the on-sale date, magazine and a description of the series. The included image also gives a bit of information about the characters and another option for character portraits. The author's Twitter avatar can also be used for their profile image on AniList, as well as including his Twitter link in their bio.
Altogether, the links above of the news article, magazine, and authors' Twitter, contain enough information, reinforced between them, to create a decent looking submission.