Ensure all titles are used officially. Do not use the native title translated into English as the English title.
Titles for the 'Ao Buta' anime


The correct romanization of the title is preferred over all else and is required.
Please see the title formattingsection for information on how format titles.


This field should only be filled in with the name given when the entry has been officially licensed or is being officially streamed in English.
English titles written on the cover or announcement of works (often as subheadings) are placed in the ‘synonym’ section, as they are not licensed titles.
It is acceptable to use the English title when a work is translated into English by legal streaming or reading sites such as TOPTOON (which is a Chinese service that supplies Chinese, Korean and Japanese works in English, Chinese and Japanese).
However, it could be replaced if a native English publisher (such as Seven Seas, Viz etc.) later licenses the work, or a publisher of the same native language as the original work (Example, TORICO is a Japanese publisher that releases Japanese works in English).
English titles created by scanlators or fansubbers are not accepted.


The official native title.
In almost all cases this will be written in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. However if the work primarily refers to itself in any other language, then that title should be used rather than the Japanese, Chinese, or Korean subtitle.