This is the cover image for the entry. A cover is required.
Only official artwork or assets should be used, and the piece should be from the native release. This means no use of covers with translations unless there REALLY is not anything else.
Examples of good covers can be seen at the bottom of this section.
Please refer to the Image Dimensions and Templates section for additional information on recommended sizes, if required..
Images should not have borders around the artwork. Crop them out when required.
Pornographic works should have appropriate censoring of the genitals and visible breasts.
Image addition page for the 'City Hunter' anime
Image addition panel on the regular submission form.
Local image upload is currently available to moderators only.

Animated Media

For anime, the cover can be a key visual, announcement piece for a new anime, a textless VHS/DVD/BD cover, official illustration, and, in cases where nothing decent is available, a screenshot or cropped piece from the work itself.

Written Media

For manga and light novels, where possible, the cover image must be the Volume 1 release of the original print run for the series.
For series that are web-only or have yet to receive a printed volume or eBook, the cover can be announcement pieces or official illustrations.
If nothing else is available, the first page of the series itself will do (many one-shots will have this).
Please don't crop volume covers for written media unless removing spines or borders. It is fine to upload them directly.
Spine Example:
Uncropped Spine
Cropped Spine
Volume before cropping the spine
Volume after cropping the spine

Animated Media Examples:

Key illustration for the 'Ao Buta' anime
Key illustration for the 'Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka???' anime
Announcement for 'Boku no Tonari ni Ankoku Hakaishin ga Imasu.'
Announcement for 'Rifle Is Beautiful'
A frame from 'Hanasaka Jiisan'
A frame from 'Cinterrier-jou no Hanamuko'

Written Media Examples:

Volume 1
Volume 1 of 'Hibiki: Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou'
Volume 1 of 'Ginga no Shinanai Kodomotachi he'
The first page of the one-shot 'Ikimono Mask'
The first page of the one-shot 'Iinchou no Kotojou'
Announcement image for 'Koufuku Gokko'
Announcement image for 'Akuma no Mama'
Magazine cover showing 'Masamune-kun no Revenge: After School'
Official illustration for the manga 'Cromartie Koukou Shokuinshitsu'
Official illustration for the manga 'Warui Ko demo Ii no' (cropped)